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Optimizing Human Performance or Human Nature?

Most corporate initiatives focus on “performance enhancement” for their senior leaders, yet research on successful lasting behavior shows that we need to focus on the “nature” of human nature for lasting corporate success.

Trends die hard and fast, and the rationalization for why performance is poor has been around as long as human history. Do we know how the human mind works? Should managers work with the psychological aspects for improvement and not against them? Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D. uses questions like these and others to illustrate his unique approach to the executive consulting arena.

As an expert in the psychological difficulties and deep secrets of lasting change, Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D. is a rare find. With years of experience as an executive coach and performance consultant to CEO' s, musicians, and pro athletes, he has mastered human nature' s keys to excellence.

He doesn' t leave you to DO something different, he leaves you motivated to BE something different.

Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D.'s approach can best be described by the following words:

Integrative, systems-based, & empirically-derived strategies to align with reality, for that always wins. Don' t you want to win? Get on the side of reality then…. This way and this way only, can sustainable, transformative change occur.

Influences to his practice include:

  1. Spiral Dynamics®, a paradigm that is a simplification and popularization of Grave's work by Chris Cowan and Don Beck, and the work of Beck, Graves, and Wilbur
  2. Peter Senge
  3. Peter Block
  4. James Prochaska and the Stages of Change Model
  5. Tom Morris' Corporate/Public Philosophy work
  6. Byron Katie
  7. Neuropsychology & Philosophy of Science
Grey Matters International

Roadmap to Success Book

Success is a State of Mind Book

The Half Truth High Book

Sobriety Coaches

Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D. Joins
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Tom Morris
Bestselling author of If Aristotle Ran General Motors and True Success


"As a man of unusually acute insight, Kevin is a real expert on what holds people back and keeps them from attaining their true potential... I suspect Kevin will become a very well known presenter nationwide."

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