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Join Dr. Fleming for a Sales Training Program and watch your employees rise to greater success.

In April 2004 edition of Training Magazine, the authors cite the main reason for sales training failure is that these off-shelf programs are not customized, they don' t train the right skills, and they are not reinforced through field coaching… fact, 80% of sales training skills get LOST without proper reinforcement.

Dr. Fleming's sales training programs start by acknowledging this above statistic.  His programs are customized to find out what exactly is needed to boost sales performance and with this interest and focus comes internal consulting on systems and practices so as to better fit a client with a presentation.  After that, Dr. Fleming provides implementation coaching on the best practices of the top salesman. Since most people are in between the salesman in the world and the unstoppable sales genius, Dr. Fleming addresses the wide variability, approaches, and stages of change that is needed to be matched before new sales information can be integrated and practiced regularly.  No more excessive Powerpoint that are filled with pop culture tips and advice about selling. This is the real deal: Changing behavior of certain salesmen under certain conditions.  Not giving them more blanket advice.

Dr. Kevin Fleming is an expert executive consultant, who can get to the core of what's wrong with your sales training regimen. He can teach your sales staff how to interact better not only with clients but also with other team members. When you're developing a group sales approach, it's important to utilize the collective will, if possible. As the saying goes, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Truly Eye-Opening Sales Training Seminars

What makes Dr. Fleming's methods different? Since Dr. Fleming holds a Ph.D. in psychology, he's able to root out what may be holding your sales team back from success. Whereas some management consultants arrive on the scene ready to spout dogmatic philosophy, Dr. Fleming listens to your organization's concerns and develops ad hoc action plans tailored for you.

Dr. Fleming is also extremely intuitive and psychologically savvy. He feels more than comfortable communicating with both the top brass and with lower-level employees. He's a multifaceted coach and trains professional musicians, athletes, and artists as well. If you want to really bring up your sales figures, contact Dr. Fleming and learn how to get started.
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Tom Morris
Bestselling author of If Aristotle Ran General Motors and True Success


"As a man of unusually acute insight, Kevin is a real expert on what holds people back and keeps them from attaining their true potential... I suspect Kevin will become a very well known presenter nationwide."

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