Meet Executive & Life Coach Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D.

"Organizational transformation is an illusion. It all starts with personal transformation."

Stress Management

Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D.

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame Predoctoral Internship in Professional Psychology at Purdue University; Postdoctoral Residency in Consulting Psychology at University of Wyoming; Neuropsychology supervision at Rutgers-affiliated training center and group practice in
Tom’s River, NJ.
  •  President/CEO/Owner, Grey Matters International, Inc., a neuroscience-based coaching and behavior change consultancy firm for world leaders
  • Former Director of Training and Intellectual Property creator for a health transformation company responsible for breaking the resistant behavior patterns of hundreds of individuals, as well as giving corporate clients a 2:1 Return on Investment on their dollars spent
  • Contributor to the premier blogging site receiving over a million comments/month, The Huffington Post
  • Featured Clients include: Billionaires, Hollywood actors, Fortune 100 CEOs, White House Cabinet member, NFL athletes & Other Professional Athletes
  • Specialist in the high end derailed executive behavior in the high end Malibu, CA treatment scene, working with such distinguished centers as Passages Malibu, Promises, and Beau Monde
  •  Sports psychologist fieldwork with National Championship teams at Notre Dame, including student athletes from various teams including men’s fencing and women’s soccer team
  •  Cited expert in The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, Fox News, and various publications
  • Invited to speak to the King of Jordan’s cabinet and the President of Mexico on the neuroscience of transformational thinking
  • Author -The Half-Truth High: Breaking the Illusions of the Most Powerful Drug in Life & Business, contributor to anthologies with Stephen Covey and Deepak Chopra, and co-author with Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Srini Pillay on a soon-to-be released book on radical reformulations of psychotherapy. Currently creating a neuro-based assessment tool w/Dr. Pillay on uncovering decisional illusions to change more quickly and efficiently.

    What Other Change Agents Say About The Work of Dr. Fleming…..

    " ...Dr.Kevin Fleming is an extraordinary coach with the striking combination of a brilliant mind and an exceedingly warm heart. He is able to artfully apply his understanding of neuropsychology and the philosophy of science to help people with a wide array of challenges in a refreshingly practical manner. If you are looking for someone who is able to inspire lasting change and transformation, Dr. Fleming is your man. Within minutes of meeting him, it will be obvious that his Renaissance spirit has somehow managed to marry the bottom line with an elevated understanding of the greatest challenges that individuals and businesses face. Working with Dr. Fleming is an experience you will likely remember for the rest of your life...."

    Srini Pillay, M.D.
    CEO, NeuroBusiness Group
    Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

    "A wonderfully authentic approach from the shrink who doesn’t like shrinks….”

    Richard Koch, author international bestseller
    The 80-20 Principle

    "A man of unusually acute insight,
    a much sought after coach ... "

    Tom Morris, PhD, author of NY Times bestseller If Aristotle Ran General Motors

    “A provocative and highly constructive challenge to our basic assumptions…Dr. Fleming will have you re-thinking many of your existing ideas and practices.”

    Gerald Zaltman, The Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration Emeritus, Harvard Business School, Partner at Zaltman Associates (neuromarketing firm)

    Dr. Kevin J. Fleming: Neuroleadership in the Middle East….

    "The keynote by Dr. Kevin J. Fleming was rich in its contribution to the overall success of the conference and significantly added to our knowledge. Not isolated from the psychological aspect, organizational transformation encounters compelling needs and implications regarding the perception and conviction of people towards change. This fact was emphasized through the presentation, taking into consideration that the core of transformation is the human element, and people, in order to change ,need to have a good and positive perception of things. The presentation was beneficial in tackling how people have different perceptions about the same thing or phenomenon, which means that the there is variance between the real image and the "in-mind" image which is formed based upon our own way of thinking that determines how we see things. This is very important because, as the presentation stated, there is no organizational transformation without personal transformation. Part of our role in public sector development is personal transformation; this linkage was highlighted and was highly value-adding to our team in emphasizing that organizational transformation needs shift in our way and level of thinking.

    We would like as Ministry of Public Sector Development to extend our thanks and appreciation to Dr. Fleming's courtesy for his participation and his valuable contribution to the conference, in addition to the distinctive and interesting management of the presentation."

    - Cabinet Member for the King of Jordan
  • Statement of Philosophy

    Savvy. Truth-based. Practical solutions. Commitment like no other.

    I invite you to critically examine the depth and breadth of how and what I do for:

    • CEO' s
    • Senior Executives/VP' s
    • Managers and Teams
    • High Profile/High Performance Clientele
    What I Am NOT What I AM
    Simply a business cheerleader Ph.D. colleague to you and your business
    Cheap motivational talker Emotionally intelligent and savvy influencer
    Insensitive consultant Systems-sensitive change agent for maximum performance company-wide
    A "feel good" facilitator
    Truth-based intervention maker that makes lasting outcomes that REAL
    Corporate Psychologist who speaks Psych-Babble Practical solutions expert who communicates in clear language

    My Top Ten Critical Work Values

    1. INTEGRITY - All my services convey not only exceptional interpersonal skills and care, but also the value of being a devoted public servant to you and your business.
    1. EMPIRICISM - Interventions are grounded in latest business and behavior change research and trends, delivered by a Ph.D. trained facilitator specializing in making breakthroughs more likely.
    1. ETHICS/MORALITY - Knowing that the best behavioral intervention for executive success can never be “cheap advice” or the latest “tip or technique,” I pride my work in the principle that the best practice protocol will always be grounded in universally known moral and ethical principles that naturally bring ROI – without pulling and prodding.
    1. HUMAN CAPITAL - It is a simple fact that the most profitable corporations are those that invest well in retention, loyalty factors, and lowering the rate of losing top performers. I give executives tools to identify top performers as well as groom them for lasting productivity—including themselves!
    1. HIGH PERFORMANCE - My work consistently focuses on transforming when necessary corporate wide communication systems as well as individual factors that make noting and reinforcing high performance behaviors more likely. For the best outcome is not just emotional relief or reduction of stress—but obtaining sustainable productive behavior change.
    1. INNOVATION & CREATIVITY - Once interpersonal safety and performance goals are clarified, the power of innovation is naturally released within us all. applies the notion that something is made more possible when more creativity is unleashed for solutions.
    1. INFLUENCE - Given that we all carry those instinctive ‘self-protective strategies” that seem to shield us from what we “know we need to do” in work situations, I strive to achieve an aligned relationship that is structured around earning the right with time to influence executives sensitively yet masterfully.
    1. CLARITY OF LANGUAGE - For there is no success if what is recommended is not understood and effortlessly integrated into a daily practice.
    1. TRUST - The most essential value here—for everything is built of this principle. I hold this value in the highest regard and expect my clients to hold me accountable to this virtue that is sometimes hard to achieve with colleagues the higher up one goes on the ladder.
    1. COMMITMENT - My services are grounded in the belief that there should be 100% engagement and effort in searching for the best ways to serve executives in their personal and business strategies for success.

    Guarantee of Service

    I am 100% sure that personal or corporate contracts will be executed to your ultimate satisfaction that I will work out upfront, with all my clients, an individualized partial refund policy that outlines the unique terms and conditions per personal/corporate client.

    This is unprecedented in the executive coaching arena.

    Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in pursuit of excellent living.

    Grey Matters International

    Roadmap to Success Book

    Success is a State of Mind Book

    The Half Truth High Book

    Sobriety Coaches

    Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D. Joins
    as Chief Life Coach

    Tom Morris
    Bestselling author of If Aristotle Ran General Motors and True Success


    "As a man of unusually acute insight, Kevin is a real expert on what holds people back and keeps them from attaining their true potential... I suspect Kevin will become a very well known presenter nationwide."

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    Kevin Fleming