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Carlos E. Adame and Dr. Kevin J. Fleming Partner on the Transformational Thinking Executive Assessment Package

Temecula, California April 8, 2008 -- Carlos E. Adame, Chief Executive Officer of CEA Coaching, Inc. is partnering with Dr. Kevin Fleming, President and CEO of Effective Executive Coaching, Inc. () to share the Transformational Thinking Executive Assessment package with more executives who would like to increase the effectiveness of executives that they are considering hiring, or have recently hired.

Carlos E. AdameThe Problem
Most traditional psychometric approaches to executive development assessment may tout the internal validity of their tests with studies of a normative population, statistics, etc. Though this is indeed important information for reliability reasons, it is a “necessary but not sufficient” condition. Information about one’s competencies in leadership, emotional intelligence, decision making skills are all good, but if information changed people then Google would be the next canonized saint in the Catholic Church. Dr. Fleming’s unique assessment approach doesn’t just describe the profile of a candidate and make superficial predictions about safe behaviors or non-contextualized insights that aren’t real world in their complexity, but rather introduces external validity into the world of executive assessment. What does this mean?

In this nanosecond pace of business where

  • Complexity and uncertainty rule
  • The “internal dialogue” of an executive is more crucial to know then the words they say
  • Value trade offs are demanded instantaneously in complex systems
  • The difference between discerning one’s commitment to a purpose or one’s compliance to that purpose has never carried a more costly price tag

…A more rigorous assessment is called for that looks at one’s

  • Consciousness spectrum
  • Values alignment to a team/culture and what one would choose above and beyond self-interest
  • Reactive tendencies
  • Level of fear in one’s thinking
  • Pseudo or Half-Truths of successful behavior
  • Perceptual abilities
  • Ability to rewire/retrain one’s brain for new situations

  • Capacity to unlearn
  • Ability to seek out willingly dialectics and paradoxes

This is the stuff of reality. Sure-- Emotional intelligence and other “hot” areas for leadership skill training are important. But set up “what is” underneath “what you think is” first. It will win every

Dr. Fleming’s world class approach to a meta-level assessment supports traditional executive development assessment efforts by adding a new dimension of information—how a candidate thinks about his thinking. This is critical to know for it will “support” or “deny” any informational approach that describes the surface of what an executive is consciously aware that he/she will do.

As we know, 95% of our decision making is driven by our unconscious and it is in this realm we need to engage our future leaders if we are to promote transformational thinking worldwide. By including Dr. Fleming’s specialized consultation and assessment, one is ensuring an investment beyond safe realms of thinking (ie, discussing what one should do in certain situations to grow), so as to widen the spectrum of possibilities to better view what someone actually would do… even when the press to grow is not explicitly there. Dr. Fleming brings truth back to the executive arena.

The Assessment
The package includes the following:

  • An initial phone interview with the candidate
  • Unique assessments such as the Barrett values alignment profile, The Leadership Circle Profile 360 degree assessment, Harvard’s implicit association test, BarOn EQ, MCMI-III (for deep seeded characterological issues that are hard to catch), and more customized to the presenting issue
  • Face to face feedback
  • Written report
  • 5 follow up 50 min telephonic coaching sessions to ensure adequate processing of information and implementation

For more information on the Transformational Thinking Executive Assessment Package, contact Carlos E. Adame at 951.972.4851 or or Dr. Kevin J. Fleming at (888) 833-4580 or

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