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No Couch Required

Join celebrity life coach, business guru and trained psychologist, Dr. Kevin Fleming as he and his guests share an honest--and entertaining!--look at the power of behavior change in life.

"No Couch Required" is a radio show/podcast about the heart and soul of change, not the verbal feel good stuff that happens in warm and fuzzy dialogues or rah rah motivational speak.

A sort of Howard Stern meets Dr. Phil, Dr. Fleming is a "get real" psychologist who tells it like it is. He reveals what typically goes unsaid in therapy or in business coaching sessions, pushing listeners to discover the half truths that keep so many strapped to the therapeutic couch.

As the great James Hillman said, "We've had a hundred years of psychotherapy and the world's getting worse."

Radio Program Episodes

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Joe DispenzaApril 29, 2008
An interview with Joe Dispenza
A neuroscientist in the hit movie "What The Bleep Do We Know?!"
George WiegelApril 24, 2008
An interview with George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow for the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington DC.
Carlos AdameApril 8, 2008
An interview with Carlos Adame, Executive Coach and Recruitment Executive
Stephen SuscoFebruary 29, 2008
An interview with Stephen Susco, a writer of movie scripts
Tom MorrisFebruary 22, 2008
An interview with Tom Morris, Ph.D.



Dr. Kevin Fleming
Bill O'Hanlon
author of bestseller Do One Thing Different
"Kevin Fleming's presentations are powerful and empowering. You don't need to learn any new programs, slogans, or jargon. This is the real deal–lasting and effective."

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