Change Management

Through Change Management Training, Dr. Fleming offers a customized approach for your corporation to analyze, understand, and appreciate change.

Change ManagementChange management. What does that really mean? Can one effectively manage the process of change with systemic processes, controls, and initiatives, or is that sort of like the Civil War soldier with a snare drum leading on the front line?  Dr. Fleming would rather coach a client/organization on changing the way one thinks about change and to allow natural processes to then arise to those conceptual levels.

Living systems of all kinds (biology, economics, and evolutionary science) have shown this alignment with reality an infinite amount of times. Corporations appear to be lacking in this awareness and Dr. Fleming works sensitively to better align a company with reality.  Utilizing insights from Prochaska' s stage of change model and the theory of Spiral Dynamics®, a paradigm that is a simplification and popularization of Grave's work by Chris Cowan and Don Beck,, he outfits his clients with the most effective and “true” estimations of “what is” so as to allow a company to better make their strategy.

If your company is suffering from rapid turnover, you may want to work with a change management consultant to reevaluate your approach to human resources. When a corporation endures a high rate of turnover, friction and employee distrust builds up and help is in order. These brewing resentments can emerge in surprising and spontaneous ways, draining resources and causing even more trouble.

Fortunately, you can now work with a people-savvy change management consultant to identify flaws in your management techniques and give you answers. Dr. Kevin Fleming, a leading change management consultant, has worked for years to attain long-lasting results for high level corporate officers as well as for athletes and musicians. His unique and philosophically-minded style has earned him extensive praise from industry peers.

Improving with a Great Change Management Consultant

What makes Dr. Fleming different? Not only does Dr. Fleming carry extensive credentials--from a Ph.D. in psychology from Notre Dame to many years working with clients from diverse backgrounds--but he also has an exceptionally high emotional intelligence. He can parse out the emotional blockages in your managerial approach far better than other corporate coaches.

Dr. Fleming believes in addressing root causes. Other coaches on the market may be able to solve for short term results, but these results generally fall off as time passes. Dr. Fleming, on the other hand, understands how crucial it is to deal with the fundamental underlying problems. Check out his website to learn more about his background and coaching style.

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