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If you would like long term success with your business, turn to Dr. Fleming for support and direction in obtaining your goals.

Conflict ManagementConflict Coaching provides a return on investment.

Companies spend millions of dollars every year in insurance costs and legal expenses to resolve disputes with employees, clients and business partners. Productivity, retention of employees and customers, and protection of key business initiatives are all at risk if there is no internal system for early, collaborative resolution of conflict. Dr. Fleming provides you with tools and insights derived from the leading source of thinkers and practitioners in the fieldó Harvard Law School' s Program of Negotiation. Implementation coaching skills from Dr. Fleming plus tools from an institution you can trust equals effective negotiation.

Conflict resolution training can prevent problems in your office from eating up hours of valuable company time. Believe it or not, employee quarrels can really savage your bottom line if you're not careful. Even if you have an internal conflict resolution training program in place, that may not be enough to quiet the ranks. Indeed, sometimes outside help is the most cost-effective way to go.

What can Dr. Kevin Fleming's conflict resolution training approach do for you? Since Dr. Fleming is a certified Ph.D. with experience in psychology, neuropsychology, executive coaching, and corporate communication, he can work with you to resolve personality problems. His extensive academic background helps him get to the core of what's troubling your workers.

Getting More out of Your Conflict Resolution Training

Indeed, Fortune Magazine has reported more than once on the Return of Investments (ROI) for conflict coaching. In a survey of 100 high level corporate executives, Fortune concluded that almost 30 percent of those surveyed reported an ROI of a half million dollars or more. The average return was 600 percent of the initial investment.

That being said, these high rates of return only occurred for companies that used the most effective coaches. There is a real and tangible difference between top level consultants like Dr. Kevin Fleming and others who simply have a few years of corporate management under their belts. Dr. Kevin Fleming works to understand your corporate environment, both on a structural level and on an intimate personal level.

Are you ready to reduce tension, resolve challenges, and improve productivity in YOUR business with conflict management coaching?

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