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Corporate retreats are a time for understanding the "right" objectives, teambuilding, and motivating employees to reach for greater success.

Corporate RetreatsAre you ready to improve team moral and reduce team friction?

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Whether in beautiful Jackson Hole or at a client initiated site, Dr. Fleming's retreats are a comprehensive time of optimization, especially in terms of allowing adequate time for  success strategies that are tailored by each corporate client.  Utilizing state of the art leadership assessments, top notch facilitation skills to process the “under the radar screen” issues, and social activity time, his retreats give you a huge bang for your buck.

In a time when corporate training has been criticized for not giving real, practical return on investments, Dr. Fleming sets the stage for transferable behavior change strategies that WORK.  Also, research has shown that when these retreats are conducted by an expert facilitator (and not just a rah-rah slick, extraverted consultant), that more of the right questions and issues get addressed.  Time to put the band-aids away and make a lasting retreat experience that is both inspirational and fun, and substantive.

Organizing corporate retreats to improve employee morale and reduce team friction can be quite a challenge. Some CEOs put a lot of pressure on their workers during corporate retreats. They want to see fast results, and they believe that, simply by taking everyone out for the weekend, they should be able to institute fundamental changes in methodology and philosophy.

The reality, however, is that corporate retreats can really only serve as "jumping off" points for success. The best way to solve long-term friction problems is to address deep-seated issues. Yet there are few qualified experts who can usher in such change. Fortunately, Dr. Kevin Fleming has both the corporate experience and the technical wherewithal to develop solutions for your workers.

More Results from Your Corporate Retreats

He has worked at many corporate retreats, teaching managers and employees alike how to interact in a more productive way. Many coaches focus on restructuring and developing better relationships with clients. While Dr. Fleming does touch on these issues, he also emphasizes the importance of metabolizing ongoing tensions among employees and managers.

The real proof is that Dr. Fleming's methods work for hard-to-reach employees. It's easy to motivate workers who want to change. It's much trickier to galvanize change in a static corporate environment. Dr. Fleming is an expert at resolving long-held corporate feuds, and he can draw up an action plan for you and your workers to get to the heart of the matter.

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