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Identify the high performing candidates and build the optimal team with Dr. Fleming's assessments and Employee Selection Program.

Global business guru Fons Trompenaars once said, "The main difference between managers and leaders is that some managers cannot sleep because they have not met their objectives, while some leaders cannot sleep because their various objectives appear to be in conflict and they cannot reconcile them." ” Wouldn't it be great if you could identify these distinctions up front?  With the expert consultation of Dr. Fleming, you can.  And with these distinctions, hire the most fitting individuals per unique position and thereby build by default the best teams.

Why don't traditional employee interviewing techniques work?  Sure, we can accrue much data about them but it never seems to be enough—or is that it is not adequate in getting at the subtle, complex traits that cause most of the problems manifested on the surface. Dr. Fleming's wisdom in assessment of candidates has helped numerous companies enhance retention and pick the top leaders of the future that fit uniquely to each culture. It is from this starting point that all team building efforts should start—assessing the current values, traits, thinking styles of current team members.

When executives attempt Employee Selection internally, they often focus on short term goals, like sales quotas, rates of return, and the like. Unfortunately, this myopic conception of Employee Selection often leads executives down the wrong path.  The truth is that building a tight ship means hiring the right people. As the saying goes, "Gold in, gold out."

Bearing that in mind, executives often go to third party counselors to develop personalized strategies for Employee Selection. These strategies generally involve assessing relationships within an office and analyzing the management structure. Coaches offer guidance as to how to revise an organization's architecture to encourage more productivity and smoother interactions among workers.

A Better Employee Selection Approach

While many of these coaches are successful at galvanizing corporate teams, few have the ability to identify the fundamental psychological blocks and underlying business assumptions that are really holding your  team back or at best being not bad. Dr. Kevin Fleming, a certified Ph.D. with many years of experience in corporate consulting, decision making, assessments, and facilitation, goes the extra mile for his clients. He contends that the hiring and firing decisions you make will fundamentally impact team building for years down the line.

With Dr. Fleming's guidance, you can create a more effective hiring and firing policy, thereby allowing you to capitalize more efficiently on the talents of your employees. By making smarter decisions regarding your human resources, you can ultimately save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Get a better return on your investment by working with the best in the business.

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