Leadership Development
Increase the organizational consciousness of your leaders by up to 50%

If you are tired of the magical number "7" in every "How To" leadership book on the market, and feel your company has enough "information" on building great leaders, but needs something more? Read on.

Leadership training is probably the most elusive and yet overly-talked about construct in business literatures these days. But do we really know what it is, much less pick the best, develop them, change bad habits and then if we are lucky have them change other people's performance? As you can see the chain of events that connects a leader's character to their behavior and then finally to the inspirational, automatic excellence of those around them is quite a complex task. And I would dare say, a science.

If you think developing your leaders is a feel good process, stop here and log off from my website. For I am not your man. I bring a solid and proven methodology to the art of selecting and building truly exceptional human beings that our executive suites call leaders.

How do I do this?

Since there is no such thing as organizational transformation, only personal transformation, leadership development starts with building EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. And yes, this can be learned by my assessments, training and coaching. I don't leave you with just a feel good speech or a pie chart that typifies you as something....I merge intensive leadership coaching into the training, for implementation is ensured in this manner.

Finally, my leadership development protocal includes ultimately changing the CONSCIOUSNESS of leaders. That is, moving the thinking from a fear-based or reactive orientation of decision making to a creative and systems-friendly way of influencing your people, company, and yes, profits. While most leadership coaches are either motivating everyone or talking about high performance behaviors, I give you something greater that must be developed first to get it all; that is, changing your thinking and your perceptions....

....for if you skip this, you risk building compliant leaders and not fully committed ones.
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