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Take the pains of stress out of the workplace by joining Dr. Fleming in his Stress Management Training.

52% of executives will die of diseases related to stress (Tyne, New England Journal of Medicine, 1998).

With the demands of Corporate America increasing and the number of hours in a day staying the same, it is time that something be done for the corporate executive. If you think this is just a “light” problem and more in the area of a mere frustration, think again. Body View of Boca Raton, Fla. has offered free CT scans to 155 CEO' s.
  • 38% had evidence of coronary disease
  • 10% had serious coronary disease
  • 6% needed surgical correction

By comparison, of all men tested by BodyView for that age group, just 6% had serious coronary disease. With background in health coaching, as well as in executive behavior change, Dr. Fleming can customize a health and wellness plan that is REAL LIFE for the executive. Micro-level-type adjustments that do not disrupt culture, tradition, and routine can have macro effects on the mind and body.

Utilizing minute by minute strategies that have allowed for years professional athletes to maximize by the minute their body' s optimum response, Dr. Fleming will use these tools to turn every executive into highly effective and healthy “corporate athletes.”

An Expert in Stress Management Training

One of the best stress management training experts out there is Dr. Kevin Fleming. Dr. Fleming is a Ph.D. in psychology, so he understands how to go about stress management training in a professional way. His approach is to integrate philosophy and psychology to solve seemingly intractable problems. He will analyze your corporate culture, both on organizational values level and an individual accountability level for your employees.

In some cases, you can make a few quick fixes to drastically reduce friction. In other cases, it may take a significant revamping of your corporate infrastructure to create real change. Whatever the case, Dr. Fleming will guide you through the transition and pave the way for a more productive and happy office.

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"After 40 years of watching managers fail in their positions it is refreshing to see how he has bridged the gulf between knowing what is wrong and knowing how to fix it."

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